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Every person can benefit from massage. It’s proven to reduce anxiety, improve circulation and promote soft tissue repair. Professional massage can increase your joint mobility and in some cases, even lower your blood pressure.

Our massage therapist, Karen Reid, is licensed and experienced in a number of massage methods and techniques. Feel relief from muscle strains, tension or just renew your sense of well being in a private and restorative setting.

Relax and Renew

Our Relax and Renew session incorporates only the best techniques and favorite “ feels so good” moves - guaranteed - to keep you in the moment and ensure deep relaxation.


This work reverses symptoms of adrenal fatigue (the fight or flight response) by lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure, induces the release of feel good hormone oxytocin, and brings about a complete sense of joy and well being.


   90 min-$120

60 min-$90

30 min-$60


Luxury Add on's  


Hot stones

Body scrub

(scrub, hot towel and moisturizer )


Customized Therapeutic​

Get pain relief and increased range of motion in joints afflicted by muscle imbalance and strain.  


A customized therapeutic session uses medical and sports massage techniques including strain & counter-strain,  myofascial release, facilitated stretching and dermoneuromodulation.


This work requires active participation and communication between client and therapist it may be intense and challenging but is never overwhelming.  


Common issues such as golf or tennis elbow, trigger finger, frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis are frequently addressed during a customized therapeutic session.


  90 min-$120

  60 min-$90

 30 min-$60


Corporate chair massage is available

price upon request


(Terms in general)


3-15 min sessions per hour with 5 min between

and one 30 min break every two hours.

Aromatherapy and hot towels are included. Recommended as a part of your healthy lifestyle every 3-4 weeks.

Late/no show policy


10 min grace, after that, time is deducted from your session accordingly.

2 no shows, after that, must either prepay or schedule last session of the day.

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